Limited Edition FiOTS 2020 Decal

Is your 2020 just not what you expected? Are you eager to get out of the house, pump in some 91 Octane, and destroy a set of front tires? Fiat on The Snake may not be the action packed weekend event of the past but we can still get together to shred some tires, burn some fuel, and push those little Italian rockets to the limit. Commemorate this historic 2020 event with a mask shaped, fire burning representation of the event we all love. Someone better take pics of Stacey so we can make memes again...

Limited Edition FiOTS 2020 Decal



    Salt Lake City, Utah

    Sister company to Winesdesign Products & Consulting. We provide high quality decals made with premium ourdoor vinyl. We can cut any design or shape in almost any color.

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